Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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        Leading manufacturer with focus on plastic thick sheet thermoforming technology, process, part design and materials development.
Yuyao Weili Industrial and Trade
Our Advantage

1. advance processing equipments including full size range of
    formers, articulated robots and CNC trimming center.
2. Experienced technical team with various expertise including
    plastic materials, forming process, tool design.
3. International standard on quality control with wide export to
    north America, Europe, Australia, Japan and South East Asia

Our Core Competence

1. Thick sheet thermoforming process, tool design,      
   materials selection and mass production,
2. abundant experience for application on transportation
   vehicle, communication, machine covering panel and         furniture with various design and structure.

Specialist on Thick Sheet Thermoforming
Yuyao Weili Industrial and Trade Co., Ltd
The company was founded in January, 2007 with easy access location in Ningbo - coastal city
in East China and has been focused in thick sheet thermoforming business. The products are
used for the application on vehicle cover panels and trims, random shell, machine cover panels.
Our factory has floor area of 5000 square meter with senior experienced expert covering materials development, tool design and forming processing process. The company has 7 forming
machines in various sizes with biggest forming dimension of 3200 X 2000 X 800 mm. Our 4
articulated robots and 5 CNC trimming centers ensure the trimming process high accuracy
and consistency.

Our vision and values

Focus on thick sheet thermoforming to provide one stop solution for low to media quantity plastic forming projects with
fast and economic parts development and production. To be the best partner to our valuable customer for excellent
product, service and price.

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